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  1. What Makes NeverLossTrading Special?

  2. Why should people learn about the financial markets?

  3. How long does it take to learn about the financial markets?

  4. What is the key difference NeverLossTrading provides?

  5. My 401 (k) has a fixed number of assets, why to learn NeverLossTrading?

  6. I never had anything to do with Trading, can I learn it together with those experienced people?

  7. I only have a small account, how can I afford a $3,000 training?

  8. If me and my wife want to participate your course, do we get a discount?

  9. Which is the best course for me, I already know how to trade?

  10. How comes that you are lecturing when you would be able to trade?

  11.  Are you affiliated with an online broker and what are the evaluation criteria to choose a broker?

  12.  My broker told me, option trading is very risky, so I am hesitant doing it?

  13.  Isn’t buying Futures very risky and you can lose more than you have in your account?

  14.  I am getting all those letters of people who recommend those shares in different markets and sectors. What do you think of them?

  15.  What do I do when I have no mutual funds available that support a downside trade?

  16.  Aren’t ETF’s a boring investment tool?

  17. How can you help me trading mutual funds, when my employer decides for the offering?

  18. When your trading system is that good, why don't you put it on autopilot?

  19. Are NeverLossTrading Indicators Available for TradeStation, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader? 

 1. What Makes NeverLossTrading Special?

You will receive a complete trading system, containing:

1. Software

  • Charting Software: Proprietary indicators, about 20-indicators are, working together, displaying institutional money-moves on all time frames, spelling out trade proposals right on the chart for you to trade along.
  • Real Time Data Free of Charge, with data access to all US-Exchanges, no need for funding.
  • Favorable rates if you want to use the trading platform. Keep Your Platform. Execute your orders at the platform of your choice. No need to change.

2. Education

  • Multiple Trading Strategies to trade for constant income instead of growth.
  • Coaching: Three days of basic training and six-months of support.
  • Trading Plan: Success plan to follow with laser sharp descriptions of how to trade various assets and asset classes.
  • Trading Journal: Score Card for constant improvement.
  • Documentation: Receive an encyclopedia of NeverLossTrading situations for you to follow.

3. Reports

  • Opportunity Report: Receive constant reports for assets ready to trade, where we are scanning more than 40,000 trading instruments, selecting those NeverLossTrading signals.
  • Market Updates Sector and asset class analysis; Seasonality reports; Watch lists.

Check the market, you will not find a complete offer as we provide for you with NeverLossTrading,: A complete trading system, proven for high probability trading.

2.Why should people learn about the financial markets?


Our days, we all have an excellent education about history, language arts, math and many topics (even how to dissect a frog): “amazing what we all know.” Somehow, we like to get through with little to no financial education.

Mostly, we leave our financial well being to others and are depended on financial tips from people we trust. The question if they perform well for us can be answered with facts and by passing on financial education:

“Even though the DOW is what everybody looks at as a measure of the stock market development it does not give the best indication. The DOW tracks the performance of 30 company stocks, one per industry sector. Since its existents the DOW is  made to grow and replaces less performing companies by better performing ones. When we track the composition of the DOW for the last 50 years, there is only one company that was and is there all the time: GE, in all other instances companies were taken out and replaced by better performers to make the DOW grow.

So what is the measure to see if our investments in 401 (k) or personal accounts worked or not?

Compare the performance of your accounts to the development of the S&P 500 on an annual basis. The S&P tracks the biggest 500 US-Companies by market capitalization: share price x shares emitted – and by this is a much better instrument to track the overall financial market performance. It is so powerful that about 75% of all stocks follow directly the movement of this index.

Back to our question. How to measure our past performance? Check how well you did in comparison the S&P 500 and it will answer your question.




1990 to 2010 (10 Year Performance)


S&P 500






































































































If you did way better in your investments than shows on this true performance chart, you are better on.


If you did not you might want to take the chance to put your financial future in your own hands.


The NeverLossTrading concepts consider the amount of time you can and want to spend making financial market investments. We educate you to strive for constant income with the following goals:


NeverLossTrading Goals


By reaching our set goals a 10 year financial performance would looks as follows:




The way to wealth and well being – in particular in the time after work – can be so much improved within making our savings work for us. Investing in the financial markets is the key method for each and every one of us  to advance and let our money work for us.

Being an investor means to invest for a return. Most people who put money in the financial market get less out than they put in, because they do not know the dynamics of the market and how to select and protect an investment.

We are an education provider helping people to first understand the different ways of investing into the financial markets:

  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
  • Commodities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Futures
  • Forex

In addition we educate in methods how to protect your assets, so a market downturn will not wipe out your accounts.

 3. How long does it take to learn Financial Market Investments

With us, it will take you 3 days and you be ready to trade with a proven concept to follow. This is why we call it:

3 Days to Financial Freedom.

We will focus you on specific array of securities and give you a clear plan to trade and if you want to, you can join us as a member for constant market feedback and education.

 4. What is the key difference NeverLossTrading provides? 

1. We specialize ourselves, our clients and members to be a trading expert in a small arena of opportunities.

We disagree to a wide diversification of investments. It is time consuming and hard to learn the movements of many securities and their options, hence we focus on a small array of securities.

We trust that the most successful investors choose a specialty and they stick with it.

Just by the number: 30,000 we realized that we could not learn all there was to picking and trading a wide variety of stocks.

We ran computer selection and financial evaluation and spent countless hours with unfruitful results. It is basically impossible to keep track of 100 open positions. Hence we focus on a limited number of trades:

  • There are 30,000 shares to choose from: 208 fulfill NeverLossTrading criteria.

  • There are 3,000 Exchange Traded Funds: 107 fulfill NeverLossTrading criteria.

  • There are countless Mutual Funds: We show you how to select their performance.

  • There are 122 currency pairs: 10 fulfill the NeverLossTrading requirements.

  • There are a multitude of Futures: We focus on selected Index-, Commodities and Currencies fulfilling our criteria.

Because we are neither brokers nor financial advisors or want to act as if we are. Those selections just show what can be done. The NeverLossTrading method also works with other securities. We make a selection for you to provide you with trading instruments, which have: Higher liquidity, lower spreads and with that a lower risk for the investor.

At the end of the day investors have one key component to control: RISK and we want to keep this as low as possible to outperform with constant rewards.

2. By our membership program we offer the opportunity for weekly online support meetings where we take your questions and provide examples and answers. So we do not leave you alone and do not run you through years of education. We want you to get started investing and make money quick, with an easy to follow concept.

3. With our education program, we are offering besides the group education, individual courses on appointment basis and if wanted help you to setup your online trading platform and guide you step by step and by that require no prior knowledge of investing on the financial markets.

4. Depending on the individual trading style and strategy of our students/members we provide:

    • trading techniques that require at times only monthly or weekly market interaction.
    • day trading techniques that focus on daily market interaction.

5. We hold ourselves and our members and students accountable to stick to a clear trading strategy:

On the basis of leading indicators, we educate to enter and exit trades at neuralgic decision points.

Certainly, we master here and there a new techniques and add it to your trading portfolio but stick to our base strategy because we believe one simply can't use too many

6. We follow major trade patterns not trade rumors and make decisions based on:

  • Major price, volume, volatility moves and teach our members where to enter a trade and where to exit it on profit or put your stop or adjustment line.
  • We follow the rule of constant income trading and make money regardless of the market direction: up, down, sideways.
  • We share with our members and clients, where to go short or long and how to capitalize and protect security positions.

7. We teach small groups of people or one-on-one and give our students a successful investment pattern that is easy to follow. Other providers teach more than 100 people at a time and run through a fixed program, trying to quench the thirst of their students by making them drink out of a fire hose.

8. We offer our members support in opening and administering an investment club where they can build and trade wealth as a group rather than going to the markets as an individual.

5. My 401 (k) has a fixed number of assets, why to learn NeverLossTrading?

Sure 401 (k) plans have limited opportunities to act:

Would it not be beautiful to know when there is a market downturn on the horizon and at least you could go into cash and reenter after the market recovers?

Would it not be great to learn how to build additional assets in an IRA account, to leverage and protect current assets?

Most 401 (k) accounts develop like a cork on the water, just floating with every wave and are dependent on the tides of where the markets are going. With us, you will learn how to control your financial destiny and achieve higher return rates.

Wealth planning for your retirement is very essential. We give you key instruments on hand and strive you for higher returns.

6. I never had anything to do with Trading, can I learn it together with those experienced people?

A: Let’s compare financial investments with a sport: Golf. In Golf it is much easier to teach a newbie to do the right swing and setup than one who already has bad habits. Now the answer: yes, you have a big advantage, just listen to and follow what we teach and not what all others say.

7. I only have a small account, how can I afford a costly training?

A: If you are a serious investor, you can take the cost of our Education on your credit card and pay it off with the gains. How much did you or your parents or you yourself pay for your education and isn’t our tuition only a small fraction compared to this? Look ahead of what you will make out of it. NeverLossTrading Wealth Building would be the course of your choice.

Besides the amount to spend for learning how to invest in the world financial markets, you will take the following values home with you after our class and the return on your investment should be short term:

NeverLossTrading values you will take home with you:


Annual Value 


An easy-to-follow trading/investing concept that spells out when to enter and exit a trade. How to leverage and protect your assets. Depending how much time you can dedicate to trade we will improve your trading performance.

Goal: Do at least 10% better than you did before with your money.

A clear concept to pick securities that are ready to invest in: Stocks, ETF’s, Mutual Funds, Options, Futures, Forex.

Goal: Better your results by another 10%.

Knowing how to operate a free trading and charting platform based on our proprietary indicators, with top notch functionality and free service, comparable to trading platforms you would pay $200 a month.


The best rates for trading stocks, options, futures in the markets because you belong to NeverLossTrading. If you like, after our class you can make your expensive broker obsolete.

Minimum $1,000

A concept that helps you to make profits regardless of the direction the markets take: up, down, sideways.

Striving for a monthly account return of at minimum of 2%

How to prevent risky traps resulting the buy-and-hold-strategy. Learn to protect all your account types, even your mutual funds.

At times 50% of your portfolio.

You will take home an executive book of trading knowledge combining the techniques learned and more. A comprehensive overview not to be found in any book store.

Minimum $300
You take home: Ready-to-be-used specialty programmed NeverLossTrading key indictors you can read off market direction and change.
Minimum $1500
Six months of coaching, to assure, you are on the right track: Once a month meeting for updates and practice training. Continuously getting your questions answered. When we only calculate the value on the hourly rate you pay at your car dealer, the value comes up to:
Minimum $2500

 8. If me and my wife want to participate your course, do we get a discount?

A: Yes you do and we grant a family discount of a tow-for-one price. Which we apply for all direct family members.

 9. I already know how to trade, Which is the best course for me?

A:  It depends on the asset class you want to trade. The best is you look at our publications and decide from there what suits you best. .....Click here.

If you are not sure: Make an appointment with

10. How comes that you are lecturing when you would be able to trade?

A: Our classes are mostly on weekends when there is not much to trade. We further have our current investments on autopilot and teach you how you can be remote from the market and still participate.


 11. Are you affiliated with an online broker and what are the evaluation criteria to choose a broker?

A: We are not affiliated with any broker. We recommend a broker and trading platform because it is most advanced in trading a wide array of assets and on key point: IT IS FREE.

Most other trading platforms charge a monthly fee around $100 for the same functionality.

If you don't want to change your broker. Not a problem, use the free trading platform to see the NeverLossTrading charts and execute your orders where you want to keep your money.

If you want to compare and evaluate an online broker, we recommend to look for the following:

  • Real Time Access
  • Good Charting Programs
  • Easy Option Trading
  • No Account transfer fees 
  • Simple Access to market news
  • Simple Analyzing Tool for Trades
  • Easy Watch List
  • Simple Annual Account Statement for Taxation 
  • Easy Drawing Tools
  • Active Traders Screen for Day Trading
  • Easy Alarm setting
  • Quick hotline access for phone trading
  • Good Support (phone/online)
  • Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex all in one account
  • No Monthly Account Fees
  • All Account types supported: Custodian, IRA, Cash…


 12. My broker told me, option trading is very risky, so I am hesitant doing it?

A: If you buy a call or a put, you exactly know how much you can lose if the option expires worthless and you can invest a much smaller amount of money with a much bigger leverage. Get a good education: NeverLossTrading is a premier concept for Option and Stock Trading and you will be able to manage your risk.


13. Isn’t buying Futures very risky and you can lose more than you have in your account?

A: Not when you know what you are doing. At the beginning of each trade, we teach you to have a clear exit and fix it with your trade. When the exit point is reached, you are automatically out. Hence you will only risk what you committed to risk at the beginning of the trade. But on the other side, look at the upsides and the beautiful leverage with Futures and how to control the risk.

14. I am getting all those letters of people who recommend those shares in different markets and sectors. What do you think of them?

 A: Not too much. Good recommendations do not come in the mail, they arise on the market and we spot them. From the idea to printing and delivering, a prospectus, it takes 4-weeks and by that it is mostly old news you receive. We recommend to find trading opportunities right on the spot. NeverLossTrading is an easy- to-follow system that lets you trade in the direction of the big money flow and with that you can spare all those well meant recommendations. Be careful with penny stocks, you might not be able to sell them because the market is tiny. If you want to buy one of those recommendations, use our system of key indicators and check the daily volume. Always provide yourself an exit strategy if things go against your expectations. In addition, we offer a special service: The NeverLossTrading Opportunity Report, where we constantly update you about tradable opportunities from the assets we focus on.

 15. What do I do when I have no mutual funds available that support a downside trade?

A: You go into bonds or cash and wait until the parameters change or you learn NeverLossTrading and you apply newly learned instruments to leverage and protect your assets.


 16. Aren’t ETF’s a boring investment tool?

A: We find it most exciting to buy a participation in the S&P 500 or NASDQ for $2/share and can participate with $200 in the ups and downs of the index market with a huge leverage and a defined risk. If you want to trade Gold, do it for $2/share instead of $1,600. When trading commodities, do it without a $25,000 commodity account. Take ETF’s to go short and leverage your IRA account. With NeverLossTrading Wealth Building, you will learn what is all possible with your 401 (K), IRA holdings.


 17. How can you help me trading mutual funds when my employer decides for the offering?

A: Yes, the employer does, but it is your decision which of the investment vehicles you choose and we teach you how to evaluate those and when to best enter and exit those positions.


18. When your trading system is that good, why don't you put it on autopilot?

A: The NeverLossTrading system surely works with indicators, but on the other hand, we consider key trade patterns and price setups that overwrite indicators. When you know how to play chess, there is one thing for certain, you go in the game with a game plan, until the opponent makes a different move and then the real game starts. Quoting Mike Tyson: “You go in the ring with a plan until you get punched in the face.” What does this all mean: “We need to readjust on the go and consider more than just the lineup of indicators. By that, human interaction is needed and not just a computer program that executes on certain combinations of indicators.
Trading and price action is heavily depended on human psychology and action. There  is one key underlying human behavior pattern: “We all tend to repeat our past actions over and over again.” When I say this most people disagree, but take a moment yourself and see how happy you feel if you can do what you did in the past and how nicely we label this “experience”. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, we just acknowledge this behavior pattern and orient our trading towards its outcome: We identify key price patterns that overwrite all linear and statistical actions and when they occur on the price chart, we trade them.
Currently the market acts like a roller coaster. When we are at an amusement park, are the roller coasters not the key attraction where people line up for? Surely their ride combines key elements of fear and excitement which gives us the special kick to ride the roller coaster of the financial market. The key difference when trading the markets is: “We make money on the ride and try to prevent paying admission.”
Good Trading and learn how to trade, do not leave your financial future to a machine.

19. Are NeverLossTrading Indicators available for TradeStation, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader?

A: In a way yes: If you like to trade on those platforms: No problem at all. Just use our indicators to see the flow of institutional money on the free trading platform NeverLossTrading is operated at, and execute your orders on TradeStation for example. There is no need for you to change brokers, because of NeverLossTrading. To obtain real time data, you do not even have to fund your account.

NeverLossTrading system surely works with a set of 15-28 indicators, all working together to independently measure and paint the institutional money flow on your chart. Providing you with constant updates and clearly spelled out entry and exit proposals. To provide this complexity on multiple trading platforms would no more allow us a favorable price offering to you. In addition, there are about 28 trading platforms we would have to support and some do not even allow third party indicators to be operated in their software.

Click here to get to our Classes offered:

For more information please contact us: ... click here


The risk of trading securities, options, futures can be substantial. Customers must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation before trading. In our teaching of how to trade the markets, in our newsletters, webinars and our involvement in the Investment Clubs, neither NOBEL Living, LLC, the parent company of Never Loss Trading, or any of the speakers, staff or members act as stockbrokers, broker dealers, or registered investment advisers. We worked out trading concepts that benefit us greatly and share them through education with our members and clients.

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