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 The NLT Swing Point Trading Alert combines multiple market scans in one report, helping you to find assets where strong institutional price moves are assumed:

  1. NLT Change In Command Setups
  2. NLT Potential Tops & Bottoms
  3. NLT Early Trends  
  4. NLT Range Breakouts
  5. NLT Extreme Volume Scan
  6. Preferred Scan (NLT internal)
  7. MO-Line Crossing (NLT internal)
  8. Magical Price Mover (NLT internal)

Read further to find those trade situations explained:

1. NLT Change in Command Setups

Find assets were institutions traded out and others traded into: In such an instance, and asset faces a strong change in ownership, commanding or controlling the action of the asset. and when a price move happens, you can spot it and trade along with it, applying various strategies:

Spot and Trade Key Swing Points: DIA Example from September 2013

NLT Change in Command Example

Spotting such happening provides one of the strongest directional trade situations: Some of our students compare trading for 1-SPU (the minimum expected price move after institutional engagement is detected and confirmed) to moving from base to base, while a “Change in Command Trading Setup” allows for a home run:

When key institutions are convinced about a good buying or selling opportunity, we can spot their decision and trade right along with them.

Potential Investment Strategy

Buying or selling one price-increment above/below the initiating impact candle.

Target-1 (minimum target): A price-move of 1-SPU (spelled out in the report). 

When trading for a trend move, stop trailing is a good concept by putting the stop right underneath/above the trade initiating candle and move the stop up/down with the red NLT Double Decker Line (integrated in all NLT concepts) with

  • a maximum risk of One Candle.                       
  • and a maximum gain of Multiple Candles.


Graph-1: KBH with Change in Command Trading Setup and Trend Move

NLT Change in Command Trading Setup

At times, institutions do not immediately show their investment strategy and produce one smaller candle in-between two NLT Light Towers. However, our charts, software and scanners find such situation and report it. Take a look at SPY-Chart (ETF for S&P 500), where we had such setups on September 18 -20 and October 8 - 10, 2013, resulting in a strong directional price move.

Graph-2: E-Mini S&P 500 - Candle in-between Change in Command Trading Setup

NLT Change in Command SPY

What it would mean to you, if you were alert about such a trading opportunities?

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Some more examples:

Yamana Gold Inc.: July and Aug. 2013

Gold (ETF): August 2013

NLT Change in Command AUY

NLT Change in Command GLD

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Alcoa: February 2013

Netflix: October 2013

NLT Change in Command AA

NLT Change in Command NFLX

When the direction of the second opposite facing NLT Light Tower is not confirmed by the next or second next candle surpassing the set price threshold, there is no need to trade: The institutional engagement in the observed security was not confirmed by other market participants and we do not want to be in a trade.


2. NLT Potential Tops & Bottoms (Pink Signal)

This NLT-HF-Based-Signal-Configuration announces an early change in market pressure, which might lead to an opportunity of 1 - 2.5-SPU opposite directional price move. As always, signal confirmation is essential for a potential trade.
NLT Top & Bottom Sginal

3. NLT Early Trend (Orange Signal)

This NLT Top-Line-Based-Signal (orange) helps you to find key channel points where the price has a high likelihood to retrace or revert, staring a new trend direction, where a trend trade potential might unfold. However, always consider key support- or resistance levels and that the critical price threshold has to be surpassed to validate the new trend direction
NLT Early Trend Signal
In the example above, the orange signals got confirmed by the price move of the next candle and resulted in a strong downside move for 1-3 SPU’s.

4. NLT Price Range Breakout      

This study either works as a stand alone or in combination with other NLT concepts and spells out when stocks break a critical price range to the up or to the downside, offering a trading opportunity to follow the directional move for 1-SPU upwards.
NLT Price Range Breakout

5. NLT Extreme Volume Scan

Daily, we scan the markets for stocks, widely held by institutions which showed a strong change of ownership, characterized by a strong price move, associated with exceptionally high volume.  To identify this potential trade setup, we use a cyan color volume bar:

Cyan Bar Example: Extraordinary High Volumes Exchanged for GOOG
NeverLossTrading Cyan Volume Bar
Two types of happenings are differentiated:

Type-1: Strong upside price move associated with an extraordinary high exchange of stocks.
Type-2: Strong downside price move associated with an extraordinary high exchange of stocks.

After recognizing the happening, what are potential trading strategies?

Strategy-1: Trade with the Strong Upside Move
NeverLossTrading Strong Cyan Bar Up Move


This is the easiest strategy to follow. A stock produces positive news, opens higher with extraordinary volume and the price move is followed through by other institutional investors. We then use our genius and trade along with the move.
The target for the trade shall be set at 2-SPU’s (two Speed Units = 2 x the expected daily price move at the cyan volume bar).
Another way to trade this situation is to trail the stop; however, after a 3-SPU-price-move, following the trade initiation candle, there is an 85% chance for a retracement where you might sacrifice already booked profits. Hence, profit taking is the right measure.

Strategy-2: Trade with the Breakout
NeverLossTrading Cyan Volume and Breakdown
Even so the stock reported better earnings, the stock price broke down. Our Strategy:

  • Mark the high and low of the breakdown candle

  • Trade along with the price-breakout from the price range defined by the high/low of the breakdown candle.

In case the price breakdown gets followed through, we also trade along with the new price move for 1-SPU or 2-SPU’s.
NeverLossTrading Cyan Volume Bar Breakdown and Follow Through

Strategy-3: Trade Exhaustion on the Top
NLT Cyan Volume Bar Exhaustion Move


The price shows a strong upwards price move and produces what we call a trend exhaustion candle. This candle ends the uptrend, produces new owners, who quickly run away from the stock when prices fall. Our trade strategy again is easy: We trade along with the price move, when it breaks the low of the Cyan Bar Candle.
The NLT Swing Point Trading Alert combines all those studies, giving multiple earnings opportunities, reported on an excel sheet, where every indicator measure and trade situation is again explained.

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Trading is easy and it is not. If you are not getting prepared with a trading system, which helps you to spot and evaluate critical situations on the chart, your probabilities for making money off the financial markets is low.

What we documented and expressed here is a small part of what you need to learn and will learn in the NeverLossTrading mentorship programs.

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